Since the discovery of the new world trade winds have had such a fundamental importance in ocean sailing, to become in modern English the " trade winds " par excellence: the Trade Winds.

Trade Winds for fashion was founded in 2015 as a strategic consulting bureau dedicated to fashion brands committed to develop in Germany and in Europe. The expertise of Trade Winds is focused on the fields of Business Development, Cross- and Brand-Marketing in order to accomplish the Unique Shopping Experience as a precondition of Brand-Loyalty.

To this purpose our mission is based on the extensive market knowledge and international experience gained by Antonio Lilliu at prestigious fashion brands, as well as on long lasting business partnerships with the top addresses of the fashion market.

Trade Winds for Fashion .


27.05.2016 Article Front Row

CLASS DETECTORS: diamonds vs high-heels.!

If the subjective value and appeal of diamonds as discretionary asset is not scratched by restrictive measures of market compensation, their psychological value, however, has suffered undeniable setbacks in the last years ....


08.06.2016 Article in

Cought in the net - the MILLENNIUM Volk.

The whys on the new Millennium’s generation are broad ranging, that’s why swarms of experts in sociology, politics, marketing and economics devote more and more attention to the study of this topic. ....

our commitment


The new market challenges require an interdisciplinary vision of the business able to bind to the brand the new Millennium customers.