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The essence of Fashion is to continuously reinvent itself just like leadership’s main duty is always to set in motion a dynamic to guide the ship to longed-for port.

Launch of new fashion brands as well as business leadership of existing ones is a remarkably pragmatic issue as sales, profit, ubiquity, KPI’s, brand awareness and theirs appeal always are. In fact, Globalization, verticalization and uniformity of downtown shopping miles are evidence that the fierce competition for customers’ mindshare is a fateful question for all fashion companies.


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During two decades in various management positions in worldwide renowned companies in the fashion, luxury accessories and bodywear I could apply my qualifications in Marketing, Business Development and Retail.

This experience and skills today form the capital of expertise of ‘tradewinds- consulting’, tailored to the needs of those fashion companies which undertake to master the complex demands of nowadays market.

Antonio Lilliu
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