The main task of Marketing is to build a strong emotional connection with consumers.

Brands live in no gravity-free laboratory, but in a world where a plurality of competitors direct their claims to the same customer segment. It’s clear, then, how marketing is constantly challenged to overcome the mere interchangeability of products.

Brand marketing both in term of visual language and original contents, is the key of brand appeal focussing the attraction, information and entertainment of customers.

Tradewinds Marketing
Tradewinds Marketing


‘The self-sufficiency of GLAMOUR’

That the fashion industry has been facing since years a massive recession is a fact. The recent Walzers around the creative-director chairs of Brioni, Zegna and Lanvin, the speculations about the future St. Laurent’s chief designer, announcements concerning the new sales strategy “See-now-buy-now” at Burberry’s and Tom Ford’s, reveal a spasmodic research by all big names of a “deus ex machina”, able to revive the glamour of respective brands.